Out of School Club Staff

 Miss Sarah Lomax - OOSC Leader

Hello I'm Sarah Lomax and I have worked at Broughton Primary School for the past three years serving my apprenticeship and I am now fully qualified. I work in Nursery in the mornings and am also the Playground Activity Organiser at lunchtime in school. I have recently taken on the new role of Out of School Club Leader, which I share responsibility for with Mrs Amanda Cockton. 



 Mrs Amanda Cockton - OOSC Leader

Hi I'm Amanda.  I'm a Teaching Assistant throughout the school and have recently started a new role as the Out of School Club leader in the mornings and afternoons after school (a role which I share with Miss Sarah Lomax).


Mr Alex Ward- Play Assistant

Hello, my name is Alex Ward and as well as being an Apprentice Teaching Assistant in school, I also work in the OOSC as a Play Assistant in the mornings and after school. I am really enjoying this role.




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