Construction Club

Construction Club is not running this term.

Spring Term

Session 3 

This week we decided to create brand new animals for our Magical Zoo. The children worked alone or in pairs to create a new animal. We had elephants with tails, crocodiles with wings, dogs with one leg and many more animals. 

Session 2

This week our challenge was to create a city. We spoke as a group about the different buildings, vehicles and wild life you might find in a city. The children then organised themselves into groups to build. We had a skyscraper zoo with a helipad, a massive house with a lovely green garden and a swimming pool, a police station with lots of vehicles and a house with a very strong stair case that took you to a second floor. 

Session 1

With Tuesday being Chinese New Year, our first challenge is to create a Chinese Dragon. The children can choose who they wish to work with and they need to work together cooperatively to build their model using different materials like Duplo, Octagon and wooden blocks. 

Autumn Term

Session 1

Our first challenge was to create a bridge that covered our blue river and could hold up a light model of the Gruffalo. The group had the choice of using Duplo bricks, Lego bricks and K-nex. Most groups chose Duplo to make a sturdy bridge. To extend our construction skills we then needed the bridge to hold a large and heavy rock. All children had some fantastic ideas and worked well with their peers. 

Session 2

Our second challenge was to create a shelter to keep things dry. We used the thin K-nex and Duplo to build our shelters and tested them by placing paper inside and leaving them out in the rain. Most of the models did well under the weather conditions.  

Session 3

Our third challenge was to create a town that reached 1 meter tall. We split into two teams of mixed age groups to build our tower. One team decided to use Duplo and another the larger K-Nex. At first we struggled to work as a team, however after a discussion together about team work we did a great job at listening to each others ideas. The Duplo team had the easiest material, but it became un-steady and wobbly as they built taller. The K-Nex team had a big job on their hands, but after 30 minutes of working together they were able to build a tower that reach 1 meter in height!

Session 4

This is our last session at Construction Club. We decided as a group that we would like to spend our last session creating our own models using a number of different construction materials. All of the children worked well together with mixed age groups listening, responding and discussing ideas together. 

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