Forest School


Year 2 - Spring Term 

We are so happy to be joining Mrs Ford at Forest School again.

Session 5

This week we looked at different animals living in different habitats. We thought about how the habitat provided basic needs for each animal. 

Session 3

Session 2

Today was VERY COLD. We even saw a little bit of snow. Our Science topic this half term is Living things and their Habitats, so today we looked at different habitats in the forest and made some bird nests.

Year 1 - Spring Term 

We're lucky enough to be heading to Forest School again!


Session 1

Thursday 9th November

Today was very much about exploring the forest site and learning the important safety rules of Forest School.

Session 2

Thursday 2nd November

Today the children shared 'Room on the Broom' and did some follow up activities to this great story.

Session 3

Thursday 23rd November 

This week we made our own Stick Man or Stick Lady and created a stick home for them to live in.

Session 4

Thursday 7th December

This week we continued our Stick Man theme and created Stick Man crowns. 

Session 5- Spring Term

Thursday 11th January 

This week we focused on reviewing the safety rules of Forest Schools and begin to learn how to play independently at Forest Schools. 

Session 6

30th January 

This week we observed the changes the windy weather had made to the Forest Schools grounds. We also went on a treasure hunt following stick arrows which took us to a large Stickman! 

Session 7

6th February 

We had our session at school, as the weather was very snowy. We went out into the school field to create snowmen and snow angels. Later we came inside to make hanging decorations using sticks and string. 

Year 2


Session 1 

This half term we are learning about Explorers. When we arrived at Forest School we became real life Explorers and thought carefully about what we would need to create a safe, warm and dry den to sleep in. 

Session 2

Today we found a very special surprise when we arrived at Forest School. Lakeland Dog Walkers had left us a message and some treats. After finding our special treats we explored the forest looking for explorer facts. Since returning to class we have written some letters for the Dog Walkers ready to deliver with some doggy treats.

Session 3

Today we thought about the animals who live in and around the site. We made a shelter for them and though about how they would keep warm and what food they would eat. We also left some doggy treats for our friends at Lakeland Dog Walkers.

Session 4

Unfortunately, it was too wet to go to Forest School this week, but that didn't stop us from having fun. Mrs Ford came to Broughton this morning and we completed our Forest School activities at School. We looked at different forest animals and their special features. 

Session 5


This week we were back at Forest School. It was still very muddy, but we braved the cold. Today we continued our work on Forest life. We looked at different animals and plants and we decided if they were alive, dead or never alive. 

Session 6

Today was our last session of Forest School this half term, so we decided to be festive and we made Christmas decorations using things we found in the forest. We had loved Forest School and can't wait to go again. 

Year 1 

We're learning about the seasons this half term at Forest School. It's changing from Summer to Autumn so we went on a squelchy, muddy walk looking for leaves and other things to build our Summer tree. We came back to build our summer tree- played some fun games and ended the session with some yummy hot chocolate!

We made an Autumn tree this week, looking at all of the different coloured leaves.

This week we made Autumn headbands.

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