Session 1

The Summer term is when the Reception children go to Forest School and they were really excited about it!

We went to the original site which is quite a way along the forest track so the journey there was exciting.

When we got there we looked for the star that leads us into the site. We made mobiles using natural resources, built dens, watched the clouds and looked up into the branches of the enormous Douglas fir trees. Our session also included hot chocolate and our snack. We were really lucky to have warm, sunny weather for our first session.


Session 1

Session 2

We had a great time making a house for a mouse and then made dens for ourselves! Some of the mice even had a trampoline, a Clip and Climb and a swimming pool near to their house, all built by Class 2! Everyone enjoyed playing 1, 2, 3, Come to me! It's a game like hide and seek. Darron and Ms Ford also put the parachute back up, it acts as a canopy if it rains and it is also somewhere cosy for us to sit together.

Sessions 3, 4 and 5.

We have started our work in the Forest on mini beasts and have been using bug boxes to catch some and then examined them with hand lenses. we've played lots of new games and done some fantastic dancing in the forest!

Session 6 and 7

We looked through windows into the forest and had to describe what we could see. We played lots of games, made dens and homes for birds and mice. On our last session we stayed all day and Darron cooked our lunch on the fire!


Year 1

Session 1 

We're excited to be back in the forest this term! 

Session 2 

Ms Ford told us about how birds fly away for the winter, and she showed us some little chicks that had been left behind. We made those little chicks a home, and in some cases the children made little villages so all their chicks could live there! 

Session 3 

This week Forest School was linked to our Science (seasons). We went on an Autumn walk looking for signs of Autumn, investigating the colours. We collected these to stick on to our big leaves. We then had some free time to make a den or carry on our houses for our chicks from last week. Then we played a senses game, where someone sits in the middle, behind them is a stick with bells attached another person has to creep up and try to sneak the stick away without being caught, this is very sticky with crunching leaves and twigs on the ground. Another great day! 

Session 4 

This week we went on an exciting journey. We thought about how we remember journeys and holidays because we wanted to remember ours, we couldn't use the camera because we only had one. We came up with the idea of Journey Sticks, we collected things from our journey to help us remember our walk. As usual, we had a lot of fun and one child even found a pet slug. 

Session 5

This week we have been doing lots of different things in the forest. Some children used the tools to make a boat, others made witches potions and others made a house for the mice because they don't like the noise on Bonfire Night! 

Year 2

Hurray! It's our turn to go to Forest School!

Session 1

We had forgotten how wonderful it is in the forest. A little bit cold today but we had a walk round to familiarise ourselves and a look for signs of Winter and also Spring. Whilst Miss Ford and Mrs Wilson tried to light a fire we built little houses for some cuddly mice which Miss Ford had brought with her. Looking forward to hot chocolate next time! 

Session 2

Off to the forest again! Today we discussed what we would need to survive if we had to spend the night in the forest. It would be really important that we had some shelter to keep us warm and dry so we set about designing and building different kinds of shelter. We walked around and had a look at the different shelters we had made. Darron managed to light the fire today so we had hot chocolate and marshmallows, yum!

Session 3

Today we were exploring how to use natural materials in Art. We collected all sorts of interesting objects from the forest and used them in a creative way. The results of our creativity can also be seen in Year 2 Art section.

Session 4

Today we looked at, and discussed patterns in nature. We created a piece of group art where we considered repeated patterns and symmetry. 

Session 5

It was beautiful in the forest today and we looked at different micro-habitats and discussed the creatures who might live there.

Session 6

It was wet and wild in the forest today as we explored the area for micro-habitats and collected different materials suitable to make an Easter garden.

Session 7

This was our last time at Forest School. Because we have been investigating habitats, we used our knowledge to make little motels and hotels for different bugs in the forest. We hope some little creatures come to live in them soon. 

A big thank you to Miss Ford, Darron, Mrs Davis and Miss Veevers for taking us to the forest each week, no matter what the weather was like. We really enjoyed it!

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