Session 1
We all enjoyed our first session in the Forest, it was a lovely sunny day!

We explored the site and found lots of mini-beasts and spring flowers.

We went on a rope bus trip around the site, made dancing sticks - then danced, played The Gruffalo game and hid among the trees in our game '1,2,3 come to me'.

We ended our session with hot chocolate!

Session 2

The star shows us the way to our site.

One of our favourite games is called "1,2,3 - Come to me" - a version of hide and seek. We are getting better at finding places to hide now.

We made some mobiles from natural materials.

When it rains, we can shelter under the tarpaulin.
We made tiny shelters to keep our mice dry and cosy.
We played a very funny game about elephants dancing on spider's webs - then they all try and sit on each others laps! These games help us to work as a team.
Session 3

We look for Forest Folk every time we go - but we haven't seen any ... yet!

We know some of these animals live near our site; mouse, snail, owl, mole, badger.

We made headbands using natural materials. We didn't decorate our own - we made our partners!

Did you know you can eat these? They are called wood sorrel.
We played games with the parachutes. We used the parachutes to make cosy dens so we could keep warm - like real explorers use survival shelters! They look like giant mushrooms.
Session 4
This week we looked for mini-beasts as this is our topic in school. We found some very long millipedes and put them in our petri dishes and examined them with our magnifying glasses.
We made a leaf home on log slices for our tiny wooden ladybirds.
We saw the wood piles that the foresters had made and a huge bulldozer.
Session 6
We played a balloon game - trying to pass it round the circle without droping it! We made swings for mice, played squirrels and raiders with acorns, and made mini-beast welly pegs.
Session 7
This was our last session for the year. We played lots of games - including a laughing game when we all had to try not to laugh when we were on the groundsheet! We made dens and log pictures and had a great time.

Year 1

This term Year 1 children have been back to the forest at Wythop. Sadly, our parachute had been taken from the site, but following an article by the Times and Star, we have been re-united with it as a kind gentleman in Seaton saw the newspaper report and came straight to school having found it on the car park by our site!

Due to tree felling at our usual site we have had to move to a new site temporarily at Peil Wyke, but everyone is enjoying the sessions just as much.

Session 1

The children enjoyed their first session at Wythop woods after the summer break and made coasters from sawn log sections.

We enjoyed hot chocolate from the kelly kettle too!

Session 2
We moved to our new temporary site so had a look around the area to familiarise ourselves with any dangers. We then made a magic carpet from natural resources and went flying all around the world on it - taking turns being the pilot.
Session 3
We discovered a trail in the forest made of natural resources - then followed it to find the pouch with a giant set of keys in it! What were they for? Where is the door? Who lives there? Who set the trail?
Session 4
We made our own trails this week and discovered each groups treasure at the end. Mrs Shankland's group had left the minibus keys for us to find!
The trail!
Session 5
We found two new trails in a different part of the forest. They had false paths but eventually they both led to a crystal high in a tree!
Session 6
This was our final session for this half term and everyone got to select their own activities. We had den building - for humans and chicks!, trail setting, bug hunting and log decorating. We ended with hot chocolate around a fire. Everyone is looking forward to our next session after the half term break.
Session 7
Our focus this week was finding out about all the animals who live in our woods.
Session 8 - 20/11/14
This week we went on a journey around our site on a rope bus! We spotted lots of the animals who live in the forest and then matched sentences about them all. We especially enjoyed our hot chocolate this week as we had marshmallows, not just any marshmallows, but Marks and Spencer marshmallows!
Session 9 - 27/11/14
This was the last Forest School session for Year 1. They had free choice from all the activities they have been enjoying this term. We enjoyed brioche today with our hot chocolate as a treat. Jake found lots of insects in his collecting jar, we made a rope swing and Samson made a fantastic sculpture.

Year 2

Session 1

This was Year 2's first experience of Forest School in Wythop Wood and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. They found out and marked hazards in our outdoor classroom, made mobiles from lots of natural objects and played three new games. The hot chocolate was enjoyed by everyone!

As we were working one child commented;

"It's like an adventure!"

and another one -

"This is my best time yet!"

So, I'm sure they are going to gain lots from their Forest School experience.

Session 2

Ms. Ford arrived at the Wythop site early, ready to set up for the morning's activities. Little did she know about the snow that was falling in Broughton! After a quick phone call from Mrs. Shankland, Ms. Ford set off from the site to return to school - just as the snow reached the forest!

We decided to run our forest school at Soddy Gap and had a beautiful snowy walk up to the woods - once we were out the snow came! It was really exciting! We walked home in a swirling whirling snowstorm and arrived back at school covered in snow!

Session 3

Back at Wythop!

Ms. Ford found a mysterious stick pile near our site, then the children found some arrows made from sticks - we followed them through the wood, then out of our site. At the bottom of a tree was an 'x'. Up in the tree was a brightly coloured bag with a bunch of enormous keys in it! What were they for? Who had left them there? Where is the door they open and where does it lead to?

Session 4

We decided to make our own trails this week in pairs and threes. We took it in turn to follow them to find the treasure each group had left. Some groups had made arrows that were small and quite camouflaged - but not everyone!

We also made stick towers, played '1,2,3,come to me' and 'Squirrels and Raiders' and, of course, had hot chocolate! We also walked to a beautiful field of snowdrops near to our site.

Session 5

This week we have been finding out about some nocturnal animals - some of which live in our forest! They were the bat, fox, owl, hedgehog, dormouse and badger.

We matched statements about the animals to their names and found out lots of facts about them. Then we made nests for the dormice to sleep in during the day. What brilliant nests were made!

Session 6
Last week we made nests and dens for a dormouse, but this week we made dens that we could fit in! We used logs, leaves, moss and tarpaulins. We also played nocturnal animal bingo using fir cones as counters!
Session 7

This was our last session in the Forest with the Year 2s. We started by playing a game that involved answering questions about nocturnal animals by running to a tree with the correct answer on it. We made pictures on slices of log, built dens and made mobiles from natural resources.

We all enjoyed the Trust game - a blindfolded trail - in the forest, but needed a few more lessons on guiding our partners!

One group even began excavating a mine under a tree stump!

Class 6

We spent a day and a half together in the Forest. We made dens, made mallets from lengths of wood, decorated wood slices, used fire steels to light our own fires - and had a great day together!

A big thank you to all our helpers.

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