Miss Ford has attended lots of Forest School training and is now qualified to take the children to our Forest School area in Wythop Wood. They have had great fun!

Session 1

The children had to spot the star marker to find their way through the forest. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the hide and seek game - 1,2,3 Where are you? We made some mobiles from natural resources to decorate our site. The way into our site is very jungle-like!

Session 2

We played another new game called 'Spiky leaf'. We had to use adjectives to describe our leaves. We made mini dens for our chicks who had fallen out of their nests!

Session 3

We made shelters from natural materials for 2 or 3 people and played 'Hey Mr Crocodile!'.

Session 4

We made bigger and better shelters and played a balancing game about an elephant on a tight-rope!

Session 5

We made our best dens yet and had to fit the adult helpers in too!

Session 6

We took our sticks on a journey through the forest to the view point, collecting things as we walked and attaching them to our sticks. We ended our last session in the forest with a story about a very special stick.

Session 7
This is our last session at the site. We had a fantastic day!

We made a fire and Darron lit it with a fire steel then cooked sausages, haloumi and pineapple on it!

Everyone has really enjoyed the sessions and can't wait for the next ones to start! Hopefully Ms Ford will complete her portfolio over the summer and be successful in getting her level 3 Award!

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