Rocks and Soils

We created our own classification tables for a range of different rocks. In order to do this we needed to look at the different features of each rock. 

We had a go at making our own fossils using shells, plasticine and modrock. It was quite fiddly but the results were fantastic. 

Animals including humans

We are planning an investigation into tooth decay by adding boiled eggs to different liquids such as milk, vinegar, water, coke, orange juice and energy drinks. 

Each group measured out 500ml of the different liquids and added them to a tub with the hard boiled egg. We needed to think carefully about where to put the tubs to make sure it was a fair test. 

We have been learning all about the digestive system and goodness me was it messy! 

We had a visit from some dental nurses who taught us a lot about how to care about our teeth. We learnt what our teeth are made of, which foods and drinks can damage our teeth and how to keep them nice and clean. 


Here we were using bar magnets to sort materials into magnetic and non-magnetic. We had lots of fun! 

Here we are testing which surface creates the most friction. We found that smooth surfaces created the least friction and rough surfaces created the most. 

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