We have been working on identifying and measuring angles. We used right-angle testers to measure acute, obtuse and right angles. 


We used coins to make different amounts of money. All good practice for when we're millionaires! 

We have moved onto finding change by subtracting amounts of money. 


We used counters to find half of different amounts. We needed to concentrate on making sure we had the same amount in each group. 

We moved on to making fractions and writing the fraction additions to match. This was so much fun! We're really getting the hang of this now!

Multiplication and Division

Using base 10 material to divide 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.

 Shape & Measure


 What an exciting morning we've had! We have been using straws to make 3D shape structures. We had to think about what shape the faces of our shape was and the length of each edge to make sure our shapes were accurate. It was tricky, but look at our fantastic structures! 



 We have been using Base 10 material to help us subtract 2-digit numbers from 3-digit numbers. We can now use column subtraction to do this without the use of Base 10 material. Look at all those sums! 

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