Gregory Cool

Today, we were looking at one of the characters in the story and predicting who they were, how they were feeling and what they were doing. Here we are performing our freeze frames and this is the original picture of the character. For the rest of the week we are focusing on learning the story of Gregory Cool

The River Mumma

We have been learning about a Caribbean legend called The River Mumma. Here we are acting out the story. Can you guess what the story is from our pictures? 

Story writing with a historical setting

We are working really hard to write a new story set in World War II and we have some fantastic ideas. Today we were doing shared writing to plan the build up to our stories.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

The book we are looking at this half term is The Miraculous Journey Of Edward Tulane. Edward is a china rabbit who we have found is very posh, he dresses in silk suits and real leather shoes. He even owns his very own gold pocket watch! Here is what we think about Edward so far. 

Edward encountered some pretty horrible experiences. We then got to 'hot seat' Edward as he made an appearance in class. Sadly, Miss Eve missed Edward! We then wrote in role as Edward, we wrote a diary extract. Here is some of our fabulous work. 

Edward belongs to a girl called Abilene and her grandmother Pellegrina is a bit mysterious. She told Edward and Abilene a story, we think there was a moral to the story and that it was aimed at Edward. Edward so far has been very selfish and only thinks about himself, we think the story was a warning to Edward! We then had a go at writing some of our own stories with a message. Here is some of our work. 

Next, we found out something is going to happen to Edward, the book quoted "everything was fine until she mentioned the ship' we explored what this could mean for Edward: 

'I think Abilene is going to go on the ship and leave Edward at home' - Hannah 

'I think Edward is going to go on the ship and fall over the side' - Meya 

'I think that Pellegrina is going to buy Abilene a ship for her birthday and she will no longer lover Edward' - Jake 

'I think it doesn't mean ship as in a sailing ship, I think it means their friendship and that it might be over' - Samson 

We had a fantastic discussion, just to name a few of the suggestions. We are excited to find out what happened next! 


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