Animals including Humans


This week has been Science Week. We have had so much fun and learned a lot. We started our week with a trip to Maryport Aquarium. The rest of the week has been spent helping Discovery Dog tire out Naughty Nora with different exercise routines, making healthy packed lunches, looking at changes over time and finding out what we need to survive. 

Materials and their Properties.

We have been busy conducting experiments this half term. We have tested the absorbency of different hard materials and we have tried to find out how waterproof different materials are. We even used crayons to waterproof things.

On Thursday we conducted our very first investigation. We came back from lunch and Sunny had spilled our water bottles everywhere. So we decided to investigate different types of paper to see which one was the best to mop up his mess. We found that paper towels and newspaper were definitely the most absorbent.

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