This half term we spent some time learning about statistics. We learned how to creat e a tally and turn it into a graph. On the pictures below we were taking a survey of the different colour cars in Broughton School's carpark.

We have been exploring money. We started by making sure we knew the different coins, we were then adding coins to buy different items from the shop. Finally, we completed a range of problem solving activities.

We have been learning about 2D shapes. To help us with this we have been comparing these shapes using Venn Diagrams.

This half term we have been exploring equipment to help us add and subtract. We have used cubes, number squares, number lines, dienes and we have even been using mental methods.

We have started Maths this year looking at Place value. We have made a number line by showing what each number actually represents. We have also begun problem solving. .

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