Traditional Tales

We use actions to help us remember the story - here we are telling the story to our partners.

We were looking at using interesting adjectives to describe a setting. We looked at different pictures of forests for Little Red Riding hood - and chose adjectives that suited that picture. We came up with some fantastic words such as 'horrifying' and some children came up with some similes - 'the branches were as sharp as a sword'!

The Naughty Bus



In our book the little boy is given a toy bus. We created our own dialogues to perform, showing what we thought the characters might have said.

The Storm Whale

We became Noi and his dad and had to act and speak in role. We worked really hard on our facial expressions to make sure they matched our emotion. 

We became the illustrators, we were given the first sentence and had to use our inference skills to draw a picture to match. 

Pattan's Pumpkin

We retold the story using puppets.

We're getting ready to write a letter to our main character, but first we needed to be detectives to find out what we needed to include in our letter. Here we are working in our groups to try and identify the simple features. 

The Queen's Hat / The Queen's Handbag


We used puppets to help us retell the story.

Hot Seating

We pretended to be the queen and the soldiers and thought about how they feel and what they might say at certain points in the story ready for our writing 

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