Mathematics focuses on two key areas:

  • Numbers
  • Shape, space and measures

On this page you can see the activities we have been getting up to in school that help us develop our skills in this area.

Active Maths

Every week we have an Active Maths session. We love using our numeracy skills to play games in the hall. 

One More and One Less

This week we have been using our number lines up to 20 to help us work out one more and one less. We especially enjoyed playing the one more and one less domino game! 

Number Lines to 20

Since the start of the Summer Term we have been focusing to recognising and ordering numbers 0 to 20. We have been making number lines with our numbered plant pots, stones and turnips. We have recently added a number line to our outside area. 


We have been learning how to add to groups of objects together. First we move them together and then we count them. Some of us have been writing down our adding in a sum in our books. 

Measuring Length and Weight

Over the past two weeks we have been measuring and comparing different items. We enjoyed measuring the length of Magic Worms by using rulers and measuring tape. We also weighed our cooked pasta and have been comparing the weight of natural items and man made items. 

Adding Numbers Together

In pairs we worked together to roll two dice and count the amount of dots altogether. Some children counted the dots on the dice and others used number lines to start at the largest number and count on with the smallest.  

Alien Numbers

We needed to help Spaceman Spencer work out the right number for each planet by counting the number of aliens. Afterwards we created a number line to 10. Some children created their own planets to go next in the number line 11,12,13,14 and 15. 

2D Shapes

While looking at 2D shapes we created rocket space pictures in the sand and used sticks outside to assemble 2D shapes.  

Number and Counting Outside

Using our outside numbers we created number lines to 10, by ordering them or jumping on the next correct number. We also counted out the right number of sticks for each number. 

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