Autumn Term 2: Seasonal Changes (Y1)

Our topic this half term has been Seasonal Changes. The children have learnt which months fall in to which seasons and what characteristics these seasons have. Children have also set up their own weather stations in the eco garden to measure rainfall and temperature and our weekly weather reports will be published on the BBC Weather Watchers site by the children themselves each Friday. 

Autumn Term 1Animals Including Humans (Y1)

Our topic for the first half term has been Animals Including Humans. Children have looked at different animals and grouped them according to their type, looked at how animals can be classified according to the structure of their bodies and explored the human body and the 5 senses. Children also enjoyed going into the ‘Investigation Station’ to read information books and find facts of their own.

The Year 2 children are joining Class 3. CLICK HERE to see what they're up to. 

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