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Welcome to our very own Class 3 Home Learning Page where I will post weekly homework which can be completed at your discretion. There is no pressure or requirement for this to be done, I would just rather provide too much than not enough so please do not feel overwhelmed. We are all in this together and are just trying to get through it together the best we can.

Home Learning - w/c 13th July 2020

Here we are, the last week of home learning. Thank you to all the parents/carers, come teachers out there who have done an AMAZING job supporting your child's learning at home. This wouldn't have been possible without your support. This week's learning is a reflection of the whole 'lockdown' experience for children, where they can discuss and write about their favourite memory during this period, what they are looking forward to doing once the world is back to 'normal' and what kind of party they would organise to celebrate the return of normality. Maths is a recap of the 4 key operations. As always, spellings and handwriting is there for you too. Enjoy your last week of 'school'.

Home Learning wc 13.07.2020.zip

Home Learning - w/c 6th July 2020

This week's home learning is Art based and looks at artist's through the ages. There are 5 different artists (one a day) but choose as many or as few to look at as you wish. Maths continues with statistics: tallies & pictograms activities and spellings and handwriting continues in the same format. Enjoy your week and please continue to approach the home learning in the way that suits your family best.

wc 06.07.20 Home Learning.zip

Home Learning - w/c 29th June 2020

This week's home learning continues with the focus upon superheroes, but now moving to...... Superworm! There are both reading & writing activities and science activities relating to minibeasts and children can even create their own wormeries! Maths links to statistics, in particular tally charts and pictograms, and children have then opportunity to link their science to maths by creating a pictogram of minibeasts that they find on their own minibeast hunt.

Please continue to do what activities you think are right and what suits your child from this week's home learning.

wc 29.06.2020 Home Learning Resources.zip

The Missing Matching Minibeast and Habitat Activity - choose sheet 2

Home Learning - w/c 22nd June 2020

This week's home learning continues with Supertato! There are English activities to link to this as well as some fun art. Maths focuses on position and direction and there is a PE type maths lesson in there too. Have a lovely week and remember, just do what you can in terms of this home learning set.

22.06.20 Home Learning.zip

Home Learning - w/c 15th June 2020

This week's home learning focuses on........ Superheroes! Our star superhero this week is Supertato and you can read his story and do lots of fun English, Art and Design Technology activities linked to it. Maths focuses on counting in 2s, 5s and 10's for Year 1 and shape work for Year 2. With Father's Day being on Sunday, there is a cool card design for you to make if you want to too.

 w/c 15th June Home Learning Resources.zip

Home Learning - w/c 8th June 2020

This week's learning is about............ bubbles! As some children are coming back this week and be in their classroom 'bubbles', it is the perfect opportunity to learn about all things bubbly!  There are some science activities and craft activities relating to bubbles as well as a lovely art piece. Then there is English to do with bubble instructions and Maths investigations to work through. As always, spellings, MyMaths, TT Rockstars and the reading sites are available to you too.


I again wish to reiterate that you should do what fits your home circumstances and your child's interests best. I know there is a lot there but I would rather provide too much than not enough, and there is no requirement to do all of this. Stay safe and stay happy.

Homework Details wc 08.06.2020.pdf

Blank spelling sheet.pdf

Handwriting Paper.pdf

Bubble Blower and Bubble Wand Activities.pdf

Bubble Paint Hydrangea Activity.pdf

Bubble Page Border.pdf

Year 1 Big Maths Beat That.pdf

Year 2 Big Maths Beat That.pdf

Year 1 Calculations.pdf

Year 2 Calculations.pdf

Triangle Totals Maths Investigation.pdf

Coloured Square Maths Investigation.pdf

Home Learning - w/c 1st June 2020

Attached is some optional home learning for this, the second week of what would be the half term. I have only included the basics of handwriting and set spelling this week (recap spellings this week), plus the TT Rockstars and MyMaths learning. Should you require any more, please get in touch. Enjoy your week and this lovely weather.

Homework Details wc 01.06.2020.pdf

Blank spelling sheet.pdf

Big Maths Beat That Y1.pdf

Big Maths Beat That Y2.pdf

Year 1 Calculations.pdf

Year 2 Calculations.pdf

Home Learning - w/c 26th May 2020

Happy Half Term! I'm sure you will be doing lots of lovely things this next couple of weeks for half term but as promised, attached are some activities to do over this week if you are feeling bored, or if you still need a little structure and routine. With the weather set to be nice this week, your learning relates to the great outdoors, with lots of art relating to nature and plants, and a maths starter activity which involves foraging for some resources to help on your long walks. I have not set spellings this week as for children who are busy doing other activities, it would be unfair to miss a focus sound/spelling pattern. Children can still go on to Spelling Shed and practise words from the lists which are computer generated though, choosing 'Stage 1 and 2'.


Enjoy your week and remember as usual, this is not compulsory - after all, it is the holidays!

Homework Details wc 26.05.2020.pdf

Handwriting Paper.pdf

Art Images File.pdf

Snappy Maths o clock and half past write the words.pdf

Snappy Maths o clock and half past draw the hands.pdf

Snappy Maths half hour write words.pdf

Snappy Maths quarter to and past write the words.pdf

Snappy Maths Draw the Hands quarter to and past.pdf

Classroom Secrets O Clock & Half Past 1.pdf

Classroom Secrets O Clock & Half Past 2.pdf

Classroom Secrets Quarter to and Past.pdf

Home Learning - w/c 18th May 2020

This week's home learning focuses on History this week. Hospitals and care are of particular importance and focus in current affairs at the moment, so children have been given the famous nurse Florence Nightingale to study. Along with this, children can share what they would like to be when they are older and have some activities to do about how we can keep healthy too. In Maths, learning is about multiplication and the different methods we can use to 'times'. There are lots of fun website games to accompany this learning too.

Please continue to do what activities and how much suits your family circumstances. If you find alternative learning or other activities which suits your child's interests more, go for it!

Homework Details wc 18.05.2020.pdf

Blank spelling sheet.pdf

Handwriting Paper.pdf

Order the Events .pdf

Staying Healthy and Looking After Yourself.pdf

Grouping Lesson 1.pdf

Grouping Worksheet.pdf

Adding Equal Groups Extension.pdf

Chanting x tables.pdf

Using arrays to x.pdf

Array questions.pdf

Classroom Secrets Year 1 Arrays.pdf

Classroom Secrets Year 2 Arrays.pdf

Home Learning - w/c 11th May 2020

This week's home learning is mainly based around the topic of animals. As both Y1 and Y2 have studied animals separately in their year groups, they have different activities to complete. In Maths, Year 1 are beginning their learning about capacity (measuring liquid volumes), whilst Year 2 are continuing their learning about fractions. There are some additional art websites that the children may enjoy and there are some great animal video links through National Geographic Kids too. Below are lots of sheets and links for the children but please don't feel overwhelmed. A lot are just pictures and information to look through.


As always with these activities; do what you want, what you can and whatever activities you think hold the most meaning for your child. If making a den in the sunshine, baking together or snuggling and watching films together is more valuable and precious at this time, then go right ahead and enjoy that instead.  

Homework Details wc 11.05.2020.pdf

Blank spelling sheet.pdf

Handwriting Paper.pdf

Different animal pictures.pdf

Different types of animals.pdf

Y1 Grouping Animals.pdf

Y1 Label the Lions Body Parts.pdf

Y1 Capacity Challenge Cards.pdf

Y1 Compare Capacity.pdf

Y1 Active Maths.pdf

Y2 Grouping Animals.pdf

Y2 Match Animal to Young.pdf

Y2 Animal Babies.pdf

Y2 Basic Needs .pdf

Y2 Pet Factfile.pdf

Year 2 Active Maths.pdf


Home Learning - w/c 4th May 2020

If this period of isolation has taught us anything, it is how precious our families are to us. Therefore, this week's topic work is a mix of Art, English and History based on families. You have a wacky art task to start off with, some research into family history and some writing and art work about a special family member. Year 1 are continuing their learning about fractions in Maths; moving on to quarters, whilst Year 2 are looking at unit and non-unit fractions. Friday is a Bank Holiday as it is VE day, so there are some optional VE day activities should you wish to do these too.

I again wish to reiterate that you should do what fits your home circumstances and your child's interests best. And please, continue to make the most of the lovely weather and your precious time together.

 Homework Details wc 04.05.2020.pdf

Handwriting Paper.pdf

About my Family writing paper 1.pdf

About my Family writing paper 2.pdf

Visual Checklist.pdf

How to draw a portrait.pdf

Blank spelling sheet.pdf

Year 1 Active Maths.pdf

Year 2 Active Maths.pdf

Year 1 BMBT.pdf

Year 2 BMBT.pdf

VE Day colouring sheet.pdf

Design your own VE Day Medal.pdf

Home Learning - w/c 27th April 2020

The weather is due to turn a little worse this week, so to keep the sunnier times flowing, I would like you all to play travel agents this week. You have to plan a holiday, pack and design a swimming pool for your chosen destination. Don't forget to write me a postcard!


Year 1 Maths focuses on fractions (1/2 and 1/4) whilst Year 2 Maths focuses on measuring length. There are some practical games to play too and some suggestions for fun links to the maths concepts.

As always, please feel free to pick and choose what you want to do, what you have time to do and what you think will work best for your child. This list is NOT compulsory, just some suggestions of what could be done.There's lots there to pick from too, especially if the weather is going to be as bad as the forecasters say! And don't forget about the wonderful art, yoga and mindfulness sites below too if you are looking for something different.

Homework Details wc 27.04.2020.pdf

Postcard Template.pdf

Y1 Active Maths.pdf

Y2 Active Maths Give Me a Hand.pdf

Y2 Active Maths optional recording sheet.pdf

Y1 Fraction Forest Board Game.pdf

Y2 Measuring Length Challenge Cards.pdf

Extra Websites - Art, Reading and Yoga, Dance & Mindfulness

Here is a list of extra websites which cover the above subjects. We have used a few of the 'GoNoodle' mindfulness moves in class, but not since earlier in the year. I would recommend that site highly. Explore and enjoy.

 Extra Websites for Home Learning.pdf

Home Learning - w/c 20th April 2020

This week's homework, whilst looks more, is built up of a range of fun activities which will hopefully seem less like work to the children, and more like tablet time, play & creative activities. The English has an art link whilst the maths has lots of practical activities which children don't need to do at the table, and can be done out in the sunshine if you wish. There is even a PE themed maths game! I have also added some handwriting for this week. I know lots of the children love handwriting in class and if I miss one session, don't I know about it!  


Please do with your children as much or as little as you feel necessary. If the weather is gorgeous, go out and make memories in the garden. If you feel like baking together instead, go for it. If it rains and they are moaning, give them some work to do.  It's whatever suits your situation best. As always, keep the lovely updates and photos coming.

Homework Details wc 20.04.2020.pdf

Year 1 Calculations.pdf

Year 2 Calculations.pdf

Active Maths Times Tables.pdf

Home Learning - w/c 14th April 2020

Welcome back! I hope you all have had a lovely Easter! This week's homework is made up of 3 English and 3 Maths tasks, as well as your weekly spellings. All the details of what to do and how to do it, is in the 'Homework Details' file. Each bullet point indicates a different task to be done on different days. As always, reading, spellings and TT Rockstars can be done each day if you have the time. Please remember, there is no pressure to do all of these activities or to do them within a certain time frame. I am just trying to provide work which can be adapted to suit the different circumstances people are finding themselves in. The work also recaps what that we have done in class, therefore children should be able to do it with some independence. As always if you need anything at all, please message me on Dojo. Have a lovely week.

Homework Details wc 14.04.2020.pdf

Year 1 Big Maths.pdf

Y1 addition worksheet.pdf

Year 2 Big Maths.pdf

Y2 Addition worksheet.pdf

Easter Holiday period w/c 30th March - Monday 13th April

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