Autumn Term 2: Instructions

We are starting a new unit in English this week which focuses on instructional writing. Today, the children learnt the importance of writing clear, detailed instructions when they had to write then follow their own instructions to make a jam or chocolate spread sandwich. Forgetting to mention using a knife to add the filling and getting a plate resulted in some very messy sandwiches being created! It was lots of fun and we will definitely remember to add all the key details next time! Despite the unusual sandwiches, children still made a great effort in sampling them at the end too!

Autumn Term 1: Letters

The children were very excited to receive an invitation to the Witch’s tea party this week. She served some very delicious snail sandwiches and green tea and even read us a story! Thank you Mrs Witch for a lovely afternoon. As a follow up, the children wrote letters to Mrs Witch to thank her for such a wonderful tea party. 

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