Year 3 will be joining the Year 4 children for Science Week. CLICK HERE to see what they're up to. 

Living Things and Their Habitats 

We went hunting for mini beasts.

We went to look at a local habitat.

We sorted things into groups depending on if they were living, dead or never alive.

We looked at the most appropriate habitat for different animals and sequenced food chains to show the producer, prey and predators. 

Animals including Humans

We talked about keeping our body healthy and the role exercise plays! We had a ‘Box2Bfit’ session to get our heart rate going! 

We checked the sugar content of drinks. 

We tasted some new fruits and vegetables as snacks. 

We looked at what types of food there are and what we should be eating often and what we should be eating less. 

We had mums and their babies. We had so much fun asking our questions. 

We generated questions for our visitors. 

We learned about animals and their young. We played a game where we needed to find our partner.

We recapped the different types of animals that we learned about in Year 1. We had remembered loads! 

Uses of Everyday Materials



We investigated how heat can change the properties of a material. We melted wax crayons then put them into new moulds to create new crayons. We then tried to design our own machine, using what we know, that would safely melt crayons in school.


We continued to test flexibility and created art. We split the page in half and printed the flexible materials on one side and the ones that weren't on the other. 


We tested materials to see if they were changeable. We recorded our data using a table. 


We continued to talk about absorbency, we did an experiment to help apply our knowledge. We loved watching the colours combine!


We tested materials to see if they were absorbent or not. We used tally charts to see which material was most absorbent and which was least absorbent. 


Graph Making

We made graphs to show what materials were found on our walk. We were able to see what was the most common material and what was the least common material. 

Outdoor Search 

We took our search for materials outdoors. We walked around the village on a search for different materials. We talked about why the materials had be chosen for their purpose. 

We recapped what we remembered from Year 1 about materials. We then searched the classroom for objects made of different materials in the classsroom.

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