We learned about Greek democracy. We were surprised that women couldn’t vote! We held our own vote and followed the principles of Greek democracy. 

Greek Writing 

We investigated the Greek alphabet and had a go at writing our names and writing secret codes. 
We realised that some were the same and some were very similar. 

Pharaoh Research 

We used a mixture of iPads in books to help us find out information about the different Pharaohs, we then worked in teams to create presentations to share with the class. 

Tillie House & Horrible Histories 

We had a fantastic day at Tullie House. We learned all about life and death in Egypt. We mummified a dead body, wrote messages in hieroglyphics, examined artefacts and made masks to worship the gods.

We then spent the afternoon at the Sands Centre watching a performance of Horrible Histories. We learnt so much from the performance, did you know that the Egyptians pulled the brains out through the nose during mummification?   

Life in Ancient Egypt

We learned about the different roles in Ancient Egypt and what life was like for them. We then played a hot searing game where we pretended to be someone from Ancient Egypt and answered questions about it. 

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