This week in science year 3 & 4 have been learning about animals including humans - teeth, digestion and food chain. 

We’re learning all about states of matter this week in science week.  We’ve explored how particles are structured in each state and classified materials.  Today we also explored some tricky to classify substances.

We pretended to be particles and acted out the different states of matter.

It’s science week and year 3 & 4are learning about rocks and soil.  Today we had a go at demonstrating how sedimentary rock is layered using bread, marshmallows, chocolate chips and fudge.  Then we added heat and pressure to show the change rock undergoes to become metamorphic rock.  (Then we ate our rocks!)

This afternoon we classified rocks into natural and human-made categories and then went exploring the school grounds to find some more rocks.

Today we tested properties of rocks. We tested for durability,  permeability, density and hardness.

Fossil Thursday! Today we have learned all about the process of fossilisation and made our own fossils of shells. Then we learned all about Mary Anning who is a famous palaeontologist. 

To finish off our science week we investigated the composition of soil. It was great fun getting our hands dirty and looking really closely with our magnifying glasses.

This afternoon we have consolidated our learning by creating posters including all of the vocabulary and facts we have learned.  Science week has rocked!!!!

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