Carrying out mathematical investigations: creating our own Lunar Theme parks

Investigating 3D shapes and nets using real 3D shapes and foldable nets as resources

Identifying, measuring and calculating angles...

Children were able to choose their level of challenge in maths to complete either bronze, silver or gold challenges for permitted of shape. 

Using the seven column method to convert measures of mass, length and capacity. 

Class 6 pupils really enjoyed doing a fun, practical activity based on finding matching fractions, decimals and percentages in the form of a treasure hunt in the school grounds.

Playing a game of ‘pairs’ which involves finding matching sets of cards from memory. The children had to find the matching fraction, decimal and percentages. 

Converting fractions to have the same denominator...

Playing interactive maths games based on multiplying and dividing on the laptops.

Multiplying decimal numbers by 10,100 and 1000 to reach the finish line on our maths board games. Some of the problem solving questions were quite challenging and involved multiple steps to find the answers. 

Problem-solving and working as a team...

Place Value

Making and ordering five and six digit numbers.

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