Georgia O’Keefe

Drawing flowers in the style of famous painter Georgia O’Keefe. They are beautiful! 

Eco Art

Children have started working on our first class eco art project which will be donated to the children in Early Years when complete. 

Our wonderful ‘Endangered Animals’ artwork display. We are very proud of our work!

In topic we have been learning about endangered animals around the world. We then created portraits using observational drawing to complete the faces. Just a few examples of our work...

Christmas crafts

Design Technology

Our World War One trenches with some including ‘No-Mans Land’. 

We are now at the painting stage of our WWI trenches and they are coming on very well. We are beginning to add details and finishing touches to make them more realistic. 

Using everything we've learnt about the trenches to make our own models. Stage one is going well. We're looking forward to seeing the finished models. 

Paul Nash

We have been studying the works of Paul Nash, a British surrealist painter, war artist, photographer and writer. We used his piece 'Landscape from a Dream' as inspiration for our own creations. We are quite the bunch of artists in Class 6! 

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