Class 5 have covered a wide range of topics this year. From Islamic places of worship, festivals and beliefs to Christianity, Lent, shrove Tuesday festivals and symbols! 

Easter Story

 Class 5 have learned all about the Easter story and explored each of the key events in detail. We have had lots of group discussions about why Jesus was crucified and how his Holy Spirit ascended to heaven. 

Pontius Pilate

Class 5 explored the actions of Pontius Pilate. He was a Roman Governor and the head judge at Jesus’ trial. He thought Jesus was perfect and said that he was not guilty. However, the people, who frightened of Roman punishment, said the Jesus should be crucified. Pontius Pilate washed his hands to signify that he wasn’t at fault for Jesus’ death. 


Class 5 are learning about the life of Prince Siddharta and his journey to enlightenment. We discussed what questions they have about life, and why the young prince sacrificed his life of luxury for the journey to enlightenment. We also wrote poems about the prince. 


Stay tuned for our trip to Samye Ling Buddhist Monestry. 

We performed the life of Prince Siddharta in a role playing activity. 

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