Place Value

The children have explored numbers in great detail and have used our new maths resources to help them understand these new concepts.

We have learned about place value, ordering and comparing numbers, estimating, Roman numerals, rounding and negative numbers and have had lots of fun doing so!! 

Multiplication and Division 

Building on our understanding of place value, we have strengthened our understanding of multiplication and division. Using classroom resources, such as: Base 10, cubes and place value counters we have loved learning all about this topic.

Length and Measurement 

We have learned about length and measurement. Comparing lengths and adding and subtracting them, as well as finding the perimeter of simple and complex shapes. We used our Base 10 to support our learning too! 


Class 5 have learned all about fractions. First, we searched for hidden fractions around the classroom which was lots of fun!  We have also learned how to add and subtract fractions. We have used our sound understanding of the times tables to find equivalent fractions and learned about mixed and improper fractions too! 


 Class 5 loved handling money! We identified different coins and went on a money treasure hunt! We also learned how to estimate, add and subtract money. We even tested our problem solving skills to answer tricky, real life questions. 


  We have been delving deep into all things statistics! Interpreting graphs such as: bar charts, line graphs, pictograms and tally charts. We have drawn our graphs and challenged our friends to interpret the data. Again, we have been challenging ourselves with problem solving questions! Challenging us to use our reasoning to explain our answers further. 

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