Hot seat action:

We learned all about different characters feelings from the book "Kindlekrax". We hot seated each other in pairs and tried to get to the bottom of what drives some quirky characters in the book. 




WW1 Diary's 

 Our English work has been closely related to our Topic, which is focusing on WW1. We have explored lots of real life diary entry's from WW1 soldiers and looked at lots of different descriptive, emotional language. We have been working on expanding our sentences and using lots of adjectives, similes and metaphors through role play and shared writing.

Romulus and Remus 

As part of our new history topic, we have been learning about the Romans. It seemed only natural to learn more about the amazing legend of Romulus and Remus. We re-enacted the story in groups and retold the legend in our own, brilliant, descriptive way, 

Creating our own Legend

 After writing the story of Romulus and Remus, Class 5 are now creating their own Legends!


Class 5 have learned about the tragedy of Pompeii. We began by finding out what kind of city Pompeii was before the disaster. We found that Pompeii was a rich, vibrant city with a beautiful harbour, famous for their fishing and trading lovely fabrics.  However, Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroy the city. We drew the city before and after and used lots of descriptive language to recreate the disaster of Pompeii. 


 We researched the fascinating life of William Wordsworth. We wrote a biography about his life and his most famous work. We have read lots of his work and especially loved “I walk as lonely as a cloud”. 

Persuasive Letter

 This half term, Class 5 have became travel agents! Persuading their customers to travel to Indonesia! We began by researching Indonesia; learning about its diverse culture and fantastic islands. We explored their rainforest online and looked at their beautiful fashion, as well as all the amazing things tourists can do there. We learned how to write persuasively, and our hot tasks are absolutely fantastic! 

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