Summer Term

Culture and Diversity

We tried some Indian cuisine when learning about the country’s culture. Their faces say it all...

Spring Term


This term our topic is Chocolate. We will be looking at where chocolate comes from, who makes chocolate and Fairtrade. We might even get to taste some chocolate! We are very excited about our yummy new topic!

We have really enjoyed designing and making our very own, brand new chocolate ranges with added ingredients such as popping candy, popcorn, caramel and marshmallows. Future apprentices for Mr Wonka’s chocolate factory. 

Oh no! Something terrible happened in our chocolate factory! The children were tampering with Mr Wonka’s TV Room Invention and have now been transported INTO the TV! However will we get them out and back to normal size? 

Children in Class 4 were very surprised to find that Mr Willy Wonka had visited our class and turned it into our very own chocolate factory. We drank chocolate milk from the chocolate river, decorated biscuits in our Inventing Room, made chocolate crispy cakes in the Chocolate Room and sorted out the good eggs from the bad in our Nut Sorting Room. 

We have been learning about how chocolate is made and had the chance to taste some cocoa nibs. These are not as tasty as a chocolate bar! Now we know why they add milk, sugar and cocoa butter. 

Autumn Term

War and Remembrance

Our topic this Term is War and Remembrance. We will be looking at different elements of the war and why and how we remember such events. We will also be marking the 100 years since the war ended in lots of different ways. Check our page to see our fantastic learning about the war.

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