We created our own array cities. We wrote the repeated addition number sentence underneath it. 


We had fun outside measuring the capacity of containers. It got a bit messy!


We compared weight using balance scales. 

We measured using non standard units - cubes. 

Addition & Subtraction

We’ve been learning to add two numbers together by making 10 first. It’s quite tricky, but we used the manipulatives to help us understand the concept. 

Place Value 

We've been making numbers using the base 10 and place value counters. 

Place Value - greater than and less than

we have been learning about the greater than and less than signs to compare groups of objects! We had lots of fun doing this practically! 


Place Value - one more and one less

We’ve been using resources to find one more and one less than a given number within 10. 

We were using resources to find as many ways different ways to make a number as we could.  

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