Summer 2

Mrs Armitages on Wheels 

On Tuesday morning the children noticed that a large blue bike had been left in our outside area with a letter attached. The letter asked us to look after the bike, but we did not know who it was from as they named themselves ‘A’. The children speculated about who A could be from a robber, ghost or a child in school. In the end we decided to write A a letter asking them some questions. Each child wrote their letter and gave it to Mrs Bryden to post (as of course she would know who A is!). On Thursday Mrs Bryden delivered a letter to the class, it was a reply from A and we finally found out that A is Mrs Armitage from the story book Mrs Armitage on Wheels. We loved reading her story together and listening to all the inventions she created to improve her bike.

Hawse End Outdoor Center 

We have had a fantastic day at Hawse End with our Teddy Bears. We have been learning all about the importance for shelter, water, air and food for bears and all living things. Throughout the morning session the children had a number of problems to solve, from treasure hunts;  sorting natural and man made materials; collecting water from the lake; building shelters and much more. When we arrived back to collect our Teddy Bears for lunch they had all dispeared along with our lunch! We had to follow the lies to lead us to here our Teddy Bears were having their own picnic. 

Our Bike Inventions 

We have been reading stories all about people who have invented new things. Just like Mrs Armitage from our focus story we have invented our own additions for our bikes and scooters. The children firstly explored the materials on offer and collected the ones they wanted. They drew a picture of their final model onto paper and made a list of the items they would need, lastly they wrote a sentence telling others what they will make.

Once the plan was complete they could work at building their model. Miss Khan introduced some double sided sellotape and parcel tape to the box modelling area. Each child needed to think about the techniques and methods they have previously learnt to assemble their model.

On Friday the children worked alongside the adults to attach their models onto their bikes or scooters. We spent the whole afternoon using them in the big playground to create racing tracks and cars washes

Buttermere Walk 

Class 2 joined the whole school on a walk around Buttermere Lake. They did a fantastic job and made it the entire way without any grumbles. I think the ice cream at the end motivated them along! 

Mountain Rescue Center 

Class 2 had a visit to the Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Center to find out about what they do to help us. The children watched a short film explaining  how they would save a boy with a broken leg in the mountains using a stretcher. We also watched another real-life film involving a helicopter to save a person who had talked down a cliff. Then we had the chance to look at the vehicles, the training room and the control room. The children are aware that if they needed help whilst on a walk to call 999. We learnt lots of information and loved listening to the sirens. Miss Khan had to pretend that she had hurt her back and needed help. The moutain rescuers showed us how they would help the person.

Beatrix Potter World 

we have had a fantastic class trip to Beatrix Potter World. The children all got to watch the Peter Rabbit theatre performance which featured amazing purported characters, songs and the nasty Mr McGregor! They all thoroughly enjoyed the show and laughed and sang along with it. After lunch we had the chance to look around the rest of the attractions. 

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