Summer 2

Outdoor Week - Forest schools

As part of the whole school 'Outdoor Week' Nursery had a wonderful time at forest school. Miss Ford had planned some lovely activities for the children based on the 'green man', a spiritual character that lives amongst the trees. We made headbands using leaves, coloured pictures of the 'green man', made stick carvings with the green man's face on, and had a lovely time exploring the forest school site - there were lots of dens!

Miss Ford had lit a fire inside the 'fire circle' and everyone behaved extremely carefully and sensibly by keeping outside the circle at all times. We enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows and finished the visit off with a game of hide and seek.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt!

This half-term we are focusing on 'Our wonderful world' and so, many of our focus books involve a journey of some sort. The stories we chose also facilitated our emphasis on story structure and looking in more detail at the main characters, story settings and main events. We began by listening and responding to an old favourite 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt'. We loved re-enacting the story by setting up the school hall (it was going to be the eco-garden but the stormy weather got the better of us on this occasion) to reflect the different places the family journeyed to before coming across the cave and the bear! We marched on the spot in time to the patterned rhythm of the chorus lines of text, and then moved through the different places in the correct order. We had a lovely time and it helped us to retell the story thereafter, either in the small world area, or, by making our own story maps or books.

Little Red Riding Hood

This week we have turned our attention to one of the traditional tales, Little Red Riding Hood. This again involves a journey on foot with a purpose in mind - to deliver goods to Grandma who is ill in bed. As well as looking at the plot, characters and story setting, it gave us the opportunity to explore other aspects such as being helpful, not talking to strangers etc. This time the story was first told as a puppet show - the children had to 'buy' their ticket from the ticket office, then take a seat as the production was put on. They all listened really well. The puppets and theatre were left out and the children had a great time retelling the story, and putting on a show themselves! Throughout the week, the children were encouraged to correctly order and sequence the story using sequencing cards.

Handa's Surprise

This week we took our journeys further afield by using the story 'Handa's Surprise' as our focus. Again we made the most of the opportunties to retell the story through drama, puppets, small world, and sequencing but also used the obvious mathematical opportunities throughout the story to further develop our counting and calculating skills. We explored the idea of similarities and differences, and looked at 'where in the world' Handa lived. We tasted some of the different fruits Handa had in her basket which led to some discussions about healthy eating.

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