We were joined by a Science Roadshow this week to learn about Light, Sound and the work done by the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy. We helped carry out experiments and learnt about all the jobs available in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, as well as how science is a part of our everyday lives. 


 We used our knowledge of reflection to create our own periscopes. It was interesting to see how different they all were. 

Changing Materials

 We used different methods to separate different mixtures including sieving to separate flour and raisins, magnetism to separate rice and paperclips, evaporation to separate salt and water and filtering to separate sand and water. 

Earth & Space

We used Play Doh to make representations of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Some us believed that the moon was bigger than the Earth as we know we are looking at it from a great distance and it still looks large in the sky. Some of us believed the sun would be about 3-4 times the size of the Earth. After making our models, we carried out some research and found that the Earth is bigger than the moon and the sun is actually around 109 times the diameter of the Earth. We are finding this unit on Earth and Space fascinating. 

As part of our homework, we researched a planet in our Solar System and presented it to the rest of the class. There were some very fascinating facts!

 We used a range of fruits and Play Doh to represent the different planets in our solar system. Each group labelled the different fruits according to their size order. We all agreed that Mercury is the smallest planet and Jupiter is the largest. We plan to use these fruit models to create our own scale model of the solar system for a new Stargazing episode. 

The Year 5/6's worked very hard researching the different planets in the solar system for our Stargazing episode. We found each planets diameter, distance from the sun, the time it takes each planet to rotate on its axis and how long it takes each planet to orbit the sun. We really enjoyed this activity. 

The Body


 We are starting this spring term with the topic of 'The Body'.We will be looking at the different systems in our body and what they do, functions of different body parts as well as the effects of drugs, alcohol and exercise on our bodies. 


 In our first session, we have been looking at the different blood vessels and the four components which make up blood. We made a 'blood smoothie' to help us remember the different components and this also showed us what they look like under a microscope, before we blended the ingredients to show what blood looks like to the naked eye. This was a little messy but very fun! 

 In session 2 we looked at the digestive system and what better way to learn about it than to see it in action! We crushed weetabix into a bowl and mixed with a little water to represent our teeth crushing the food and the saliva breaking it down further. We then transferred the mixture to a bag (the stomach) where we added some stomach acid (vinegar) and before moving the mixture to the intestines (stockings) we added some green and red food colouring to represent bile from the liver. Once in the intestines, we needed to squeeze the mixture to the bottom of the stocking and through the hole at the end. It was very, very messy but it helped us to  remember the digestive system and more importantly we had lots of fun doing it. 

 As part of our work on materials, we were set a homework task to carry out a research project on a significant scientist/biologist. Its clear to see how much effort has gone into each project.

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