The Easter Story

In Class 5 we have been learning about the Easter Story with a specific focus on Holy Week and the build up to Easter. Most of us were familiar with the Easter Story but unsure about Holy Week. We have had lots of fun learning about this. Here is some of our work from Purple Mash all about Easter. 

How do I find Inner Peace?

Through the eyes of a Muslim and a Buddhist.


This week in RE we have looked through some images of Buddhists to remind us what a Buddhist is and what their beliefs are. We looked at pictures and wrote our reaction to the pictures on sticky notes. We then discussed what the pictures were and if any of us got it right. Here we are in action.

This week we looked at The Story of Buddha, of Prince Siddhartha how he had never witnessed illness, old age or death. One day he left the palace and saw one person who was very ill, one person who was very old and one person who was dead. This shocked him. Next, he saw a holy man who had nothing but a bowl, he looked so peaceful and happy. Siddhartha wondered how this could be when he had nothing but the bowl. He set out on a mission to find out and decided to meditate and not move from under the Bodhi tree until he found the answer. One day he became enlightened and so taught others who called him 'Buddha' meaning the enlightened one. We did a role play of the story. 

 Here are some action shots!

We had a go at meditating and looking at some Buddhist rituals. We were trying to see if we could find our inner peace by meditating like Buddhists! We were very peaceful afterwards, it had a very calming effect on us! 

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