Place Value - We have had lots of fun learning about place value. The yellow group used Base 10 materials to show the place value for 2 digit and even 3 digit numbers. 

We are quickly learning how to set out our work in Numeracy and are working more independently. 

3D Shapes - The children have been working very hard on naming and recognising a range of 3D shapes. Below are some of the models of different 3D shapes we created using straws.

 We have been learning about right angles and took part in a practical carousel to help us use right angles accurately. Some of us used the Bluebots app on the IPads, some of us followed a set of instructions to draw a path using right angle turns and others used the Beebots to programme a set of instructions using right angle turns. This lesson was a lot of fun and really helped us to understand right angles. 

Fractions - Can you see the concentration on our faces as we work out pairs of fractions? 

Properties of shape - We have been making 2D shapes on our peg boards and looking at the properties of these shapes, including angles, number of sides, corners and faces. 

Ordering 3-digit numbers - the children have been working really hard to order 3-digit numbers up to 1000 and placing them accuratly on a number line. It took a lot of practice but we're getting better and better.

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