The Arts


Joan Miro was a Spanish artist from Barcelona. His paintings and sculptures included some images and ideas that were real and some which were meant to look like dreams. He mainly used the colours blue ,black, yellow, green and red and he incorporated strange animals and shapes. His paintings sell for millions of pounds. I wonder if our paintings will be worth as much money?

Art in Nature.

 We went to Forest School and gathered materials which we could use for a nature sculpture. 


Perfect Pizzas

We have been talking about our favourite pizzas with a view to eventually designing and making our own pizzas. We looked at and tasted lots of different bread products so we could see which would be the most suitable for a pizza base. Some of us ate rather a lot of bread and struggled to eat out tea afterwards!

Today we had a taste of different ingredients that could be used for pizza toppings. Some of them were new foods that we hadn't tried before but we really enjoyed being adventurous!


Making Pizzas!

After tasting different breads and toppings, we designed a variety of pizzas and today we made them and finally we were able to eat them........ delicious!

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