Special Events

Bassenfell Manor

Our class went to Bassenfell Manor near Keswick for a residential visit. That means we stayed the night! We shared really comfy bedrooms with our friends and the food was delicious. We did lots of activities including bushcraft, woodland walks, archery, stackers, abseiling, nightline, parachute games and team challenges. We were exhausted by the end of the visit but we had a brilliant time and we wrote a letter to say thank you to all the wonderful staff who looked after us and taught us so many new skills.

New Life in Class 4.

We were very kindly given some eggs to hatch by a local farmer from Maryport. We read everything we could about hatching eggs. We put 6 eggs in an electric incubator which keeps the eggs at the correct temperature and turns them very slightly on a regular basis. We watched a short film about the stages of development of an embryo chick and discussed the changes which happen on an almost daily basis. Eventually, after 21 days a small crack appeared in one of the eggs and shortly after a chick emerged! Over the next 2 days all the chicks hatched! we kept them for a few days and then they went off to live on a farm where there were other hens and chicks. 



100 mile challenge

Today was the launch of our 100 mile challenge which means between now and the

end of May we each have to see how many miles we can clock up by walking, cycling, running, jogging, swimming or other physical activities which enable us to complete any distance. The challenge is to try and reach 100 miles each but becoming more active anyway will definitely help us to become healthier individuals and hopefully we will really enjoy doing it!








War and Remembrance Assembly.

 We chose War and Remembrance as the theme for our Assembly because we have been learning about a soldier and professional footballer from the First World War called Walter Tull. We went to look at the War Memorial in the churchyard at Christ Church to see the names of all the men and one woman who lost their lives serving in the First and Second World Wars.


We made some poppies out of tissue paper and during our Assembly we made the poppies into some wreaths to remember all those who lost their lives in both the World Wars and subsequent conflicts.

We went to the churchyard to remember a soldier called Rolan Dalton who was a soldier from Broughton who lost his life in the First World War. He was the only soldier to be brought back home to be buried. We took our poppy wreaths and laid them against his headstone.

Christmas Nativity Practice

This year's Nativity Performance is an original play called The Dancing Sheep. Here we are getting ready for the dress rehearsal.

Christmas Treats at Trotters

What a fantastic time we had at Trotters! We had to solve clues for a seasonal treasure hunt and were rewarded with a tasty chocolate treat! After that we took part in a real live Nativity story with all the stable animals. Lunch was an amazing feast of seasonal sandwiches, biscuits, cakes and savouries. Delicious!

World Book Day

This year we celebrated World Book Day by going to the New Book Shop in Cockermouth. Catherine read us a brand new story by one of our favourite authors, Julia Donaldson, about a dog who had to find out where all the missing books from a school had gone. After the story we were able to look around the children section of the shop where there were hundreds and hundreds of exciting books! Finally we were able to exchange our book vouchers for a book to keep and take home! We really enjoyed our visit to the book shop and hopefully we will go back again and choose a book to buy.

Comic Relief

To raise money for Comic Relief, we paid to come to school with whacky hair and were able to wear our own clothes. We also brought cakes to sell..... delicious! 

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