In Science we have been investigating plants and what they need to grow. We have also been identifying wild flowers which grow around school. Soon we will be looking at how plants have adapted to growing at a coastal environment.

Habitats.      See 'Forest School'

Healthy Animals and Humans

We have been investigating what animals and humans need to survive. We pretended to be stranded on a desert island and chose things we would miss from home and things that we would like to have on the island to make us happy. Eventually we narrowed the list down to what we would actually need to survive. We wrote a message in a bottle of what we needed in the hope that a small boat would come by and save us!

Use of everyday materials.

We identified lots of different materials and sorted them into groups. Then we described some features of each material and displayed them on a poster.

Our budding scientist performed the most amazing experiment!

How can we keep our little penguin dry?

In this windy, rainy weather we needed to find a material to keep our little penguin dry. We decided to carry out an investigation to find a material that was waterproof. We chose 4 materials that we thought might be suitable and we attached them to the top of a plastic cup with a rubber band. Then we poured 6 large drops of water onto the surface of each material and observed what happened. The water soaked straight through some of the materials so we knew they weren't waterproof. Water did not soak through plastic, it stayed on the surface, so we knew that plastic was waterproof and we could make a little coat from it to keep Penguin dry!

Changing shape of materials.

We investigated which materials change shape when they are stretched, twisted, bent or squashed. We recorded our results in a table. 

Zoo Lab

 As an introduction to our new Science topic, 'Healthy animals and humans', we had a visit from our friend Tristan from Zoo Lab. He brought a selection of creatures to show us and some of us were brave enough to handle the more unusual ones!



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