Our Church

Our Church is a very special place so we all went along to visit it and to find out from Godfrey what makes it so special. He told us the history of the Church and explained what all the different parts of the Church were for. We then had a good look around and asked lots of questions. Our Church even has recipe sheets! We learned a lot about our Church!

Easter  Gardens

We have listened to different versions of the Easter Story and focused on the garden containing the tomb where Jesus was taken after he was crucified. We went to our Church where a group of volunteers, led by Jackie, helped us to make some Easter gardens. We really enjoyed ourselves and have brought the gardens back to school.


The whole school has been working on different aspects of the Hindu religion. Our class has been reading Hindu stories and learning how Hindus believe the world was created. All of the stories we have been reading feature different gods so we have been investigating Hanuman, the monkey god. We looked at artists' interpretations of Hanumen and have created our own pictures in a similar style.

Indri who is a Hindu worshipper came to school to help us find out more about the Hindu religion. He brought lots of things to show us and we had great fun dressing up in saris and Hindu clothes.

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