Cricket with John

 It has been great fun having John in school again to help us get even better at cricket. 

Tag Rugby

Marnie, a rugby coach came from Workington Town to help us develop our tag rugby skills. We had lots of fun!

Skip to be fit!

We had a great time skipping with Dave. He showed us how easy it is to stay fit and healthy by skipping every day.


Travelling with a ball.

We had to invent lots of different ways of travelling around the yard with a ball without touching it with our hands!

Box to be Fit!

We welcomed Dave back into school to go through the 'Box to be Fit' programme. We all took turns to try out different circuit activities which would keep our bodies and minds fit. We had such a good time and we look forward to using our own 'Box to be Fit' equipment in school..


It's our turn to practise our cricket skills with Chris Hodgson.

Box To Be Fit......... Again!

We enjoyed working with Dave so much that we decided to set up our own circuit. We got very hot and were quite puffed out!

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