Living Things - Forest Habitats

During our visit to Forest School we investigated different habitats and although we didn't see many creatures, we imagined what sort of animals might live there!

Living Things - Habitats

We explored our Eco area looking for things which were alive and things which had never been alive. We found lots of interesting insects and plants.

Everyday materials

Exploring everyday materials
We chose from a variety of different materials displayed on the carpet. We named the materials and described some of their properties.

Waterproof materials

We wanted to find out what would be a suitable material to keep a cuddly toy dry in the rain. We planned and carried out an investigation to find out which materials were waterproof.

Display Board

Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison invented a new kind of light bulb which lasted a long time. We followed the instructions to make a quiz machine. We also made a simple circuit where a light bulb lit up if we answered a question correctly. We had lots of fun experimenting with the circuits and swapping batteries and bulbs to see what would happen.
Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell became interested in sound when his mother began going deaf. He explored different things that sounds travel through and invented the telephone. We made our own 'telephones' using paper cups, string and wool of different lengths. We had to be very quiet to hear what our partner was saying!
Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton worked out a new theory of gravity after watching an apple fall from a tree. We conducted an investigation by making paper spinners with different numbers of paper clips attached and timing how long they took to reach the ground.

Isaac Newton also discovered that light is made up of many colours. We re-created his experiment by shining a torch through a prism onto a piece of white paper and looking at a beautiful rainbow of colours.

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