Week 9

Week beginning 06/03/17

This week saw the start of our 'Journeys, travel and transport' topic. We explored journeys on foot, and concentrated on the book 'We're going on a bear hunt'. We had great fun recreating the story in the Eco garden. 

We also looked at prepositions this week. We went on bear hunts using clues with prepositional words such as 'on top of', 'under', 'next to', 'behind', 'in front of'. 

We really enjoyed marching 'up and down' to the 'Grand Old Duke of York' nursery rhyme, which inspired us to listen to some marching music. We had a marching parade around the classroom, accompanied with our musical instruments. 

We had great fun with the parachute, making it go 'up and down' and then crawling 'over' and 'under' it!

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