Week 12

Week beginning 27/03/17

This week we explored 'Spring'. We went on a walk to look for 'signs of spring'; we noticed leaves were beginning to grow on  the trees and bushes, and the buds were beginning to show. We saw lots of lovely daffodils and even noticed a bumble bee. In the classroom we took a close look at a daffodil flower and then made a collage picture of one to go on our Spring display. 

We were very excited when Madeleine's grandma brought us in some tadpoles from her pond once again. Most of  the tadpoles have 'hatched' out from the frogspawn. We have looked at some non-fiction books about the lifecycle of a frog and used some stamps to make our own lifecycle booklets. Our counting rhyme focus this week was '5 little speckled frogs' and we made some 'props' to help us retell the rhyme at home.

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