Week 7

Week beginning 17/10/16

We continued our autumn focus this week. We read the Percy the park keeper book 'After the Storm' which led us to explore autumn weather. We made a 'wind detector' which worked brilliantly when we tested it outside. We set up a 'Percy puppet show' and put on some very entertaining shows with puppets of Percy and all his animal friends. We found out that acorns and conkers are seeds and, just like Percy we planted some and look forward to the oak and horse chestnut tree plants beginning to grow in the Spring. We also planted some bulbs in the raised bed in our outdoor area. We read a book about a hedgehog called Ned trying to find somewhere to hibernate for the winter. This inspired us to discover more about hedgehogs - we have decided to set up a 'hedgehog feeding station' in the eco garden after the half term holidays to make sure the hedgehogs get plenty to eat before they sleep through the winter. We painted some lovely pictures of hedhehogs and learnt some new words to describe how a hedgehog feels like 'prickly' and 'spiky'!

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