Week 4

Week beginning 26/09/16

This week saw the beginning of our 'Harvest' topic - focusing on apples! We read lots of stories which included apples ; we cut apples open and named the various parts of the apple; we used magnifying glasses to look closely at different parts; we tasted different types of apple and voted on our favourite; we made apple prints in paint and apple sun-catchers; and we experimented rolling apples down guttering placed at different angles - this led us to try 'rolling' different objects down slopes and conclude that 'round' things roll and 'flat' things don't (or just slide)! 

This week we also started to look at mixing colours - this was initiated by reading the story 'Mouse paint' about three white mice who mix red and yellow to make orange, red and blue to make purple, and yellow and blue to make green. They always leave a little white so they can hide from the cat though!

We also did a lot of work to help us with our counting skills. We played lots of maths games.

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