Moral Dilemmas

In class 6 we have been looking at moral dilemmas and learning that it is not our religious status that makes us a good or bad person but our moral choices. We looked at different moral dilemmas and debated what we should do and played 'Conscious Alley'. One half of the class had to persuade Emily to make a good decision and the others had to persuade her to make a bad decision but all had to give consequences and reasons for these actions. What would you do if you borrowed your mum's sentimental bracelet without asking and accidentally broke it? Would you be honest and apologise or would you hide it and blame it on someone else? 


Class 6 have been learning about the Christian festival of Epiphany. As part of their homework, they created a presentation and presented it to the rest of the class


Class 6 are learning about Buddhism. We created a Mandala individually and then put them together with others from our group. Buddhists believe group work is important as it shows that everybody is equal. The overall effect is much better when working as a team!

Week beginning 5/10/15 - This week we were learning about Wesak or Buddha day which is a special Buddhist festival. During this festival, Buddhists meditate and visit the temple. They offer Buddha gifts of flowers and candles. They also release birds from cages to symbolise peace and freedom. We made some birds in cages in our art lessons.

We played a game called 'Eightfold path charades' where we chose one of the Buddhist rules and acted it out silently to the rest of the class and they had to guess which one we were acting out. Can you guess?

Ulverston Trip
We visited the Conishead Priory and Buddhist Centre in Ulverston. We were shown around the amazing temple and had a go at meditating! It was a very calm and peaceful place. We really enjoyed looking at the Buddhist statues and artefacts!


As part of national anti-bullying week, we took part in a drama workshop. We learned about different types of bullying, what people would feel like if they were being bullied and how we can all help to prevent bullying. We worked on a performance throughout the day which we performed for parents, staff and the other children in school. It was great fun!

Bible World

Class 6 spent an enjoyable morning on the Bible Word bus in Carlisle. There were lots of fun activities to access that taught about some of the stories in the Bible. There were music, library and travel sections, and many more! We then had a picnic in Bitz Park. 

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