We are really enjoying reading Skellig by David Almond. We did some drama based on the scene where Michael (the main character) travels on the bus.

Suspense Stories

We are learning to write stories which make the reader feel nervous and excited. We worked with talk partners to create short paragraphs which included the key features we had discussed such as short sentences, ellipsis, similes/metaphors and changing our handwriting for effect. We created some excellent work and recorded some of our fantastic ideas on our working wall, which we can refer back to later in the writing stages.


Class 6 were very fortunate to work with Mrs Pritchard (a year 6 teacher from a different local school). She delivered an excellent lesson to help the children write a flashback, which included lots of figurative language. We are now becoming much more aware of the reader, when we write.


We have been looking at the key features of instruction and explanation texts. As part of this topic, we looked at a recipe. We followed the instructions to make buns which we then decorated for the school Christmas Fayre so that we could help to raise some money for the school. It was lots of fun (and very messy)!!!

We had lots of fun decorating the buns we made! We are looking forward to selling our cakes at the Christmas Fayre, to raise money for school funds.

War horse

We turned a chapter of War Horse into a piece of role-play which we presented to the rest of the class. We will then use this role-play to help us to write a play-script, using all of the key features.

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