We are investigating 'What is the best way to grow plants?'. We have designed our own experiments taking different aspects and changing them e.g. do plants need nutrients to grow? How much space do plants need to grow? This is us planting our seeds. We will update the site to let you know what happens! 


Class 5 enjoyed getting messy with clay to produce our own fossils of natural items found in our school Eco area. 


This week in Science we have been investigating soils. We collected samples from three different areas in the Eco garden and looked at the different colours, textures and moisture. Some of us were even lucky enough to find some living creatures in the soil samples. We had a great time getting our hands dirty!

Rocks and Soil

In Science this half term we are learning about Rocks and Soils, which has linked in nicely with our Oceans and Rivers work in Topic. So far we have looked at categorizing different types of rocks and this week we investigated the process of erosion. To do this we carried out an experiment rubbing different types of rock together for 30 seconds and recording the results. We found that marble and limestone eroded easily producing dust and small fragments of rock. Slate and basalt however, were harder-wearing rocks and produced very little dust. We really enjoyed this activity but it was a little tiring. 

In science we were sent a top secret mission from Jamie Bond! He keeps slipping on surfaces when he is chasing the enemy and they are getting away. He said this is because the floor was not generating enough friction! We had to design an experiement to find out which surface he should run on which generates enough friction and which surface he should avoid. We designed an experiment where a toy car travelled down four different surfaces to see which generated the most friction resulting in the car travelling the slowest. We found out that Jamie bond should definitely avoid Lino, that does not generate enough friction and will make him slip, and, if he can, to run on grass or carpet because they generate the most friction and he will be able to run without slipping. 

Changing States

In science we are learning about 'Changing States'. This week we carried out a washing line experiment to find out where the best area in our classroom is for evaporation to take place. We found that the best place was next to the open window where the fresh air could help the water evaporate. We also thought that if it had been a sunny day, this would have been more effective, as the heat from the sun would speed up the process of evaporation.

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