This week in Class 5 we have been looking at volume. We have been converting fractions of litres into millilitres which has been rather tricky. Some of us measured out different amounts of liquid in millilitres and converted these into half, quarter, three quarters and tenths of a litre.

Area and Perimeter

We have been learning about area and perimeter in maths both with Miss Eve and with Keith, a member of the Newcastle Falcons who has be coming in each week to teach us maths and rugby. Lucas took over as the teacher to work out the area and perimeter of different shapes inviting others to answer questions along the way. He took the role very seriously. 

3D Shapes

In numeracy we have been learning about the names and features of different 3D shapes. Our group created some structures of 3D shapes in order to identify how many edges and vertices they have. It was very fiddly but we are very proud of our finished structures.

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