In literacy we are looking at playscripts. We were researching to find out what they looked like and what special features they have. But our favourite part was getting to act them out! It is nearly impossible to look at playscripts and not act them out! I think in our we class we have some budding actress/actresses, what do you think?

Information texts

Our new topic in Literacy is looking at information texts. We looked at a range of information texts and came up with a mind map of everything we found an information text includes. We then had a go at shared writing a leaflet on the laptops, we are going to be using ICT to create our information leaflet and needed a practice first!! Our information leaflet is going to be all about a river or ocean of our choice, which will also help us with our geography topic this term.

Polar Express

Our new literacy topic is all around the Polar Express. We have read up to the point the boy has to decide whether he will board the train or not. We have split our class in two, one side supporting the boy to get on the train and one side supporting the boy to not get on the train. We had a debate to argue both sides of the argument, here are some pictures from our debate. 


This half term we have started to look at poetry for our Literacy work. We have read a variety of different poems by different authors and looked at performing poetry to make it more interesting and exciting for the listeners. We worked in groups to study different poems and performed them for the rest of the class using expression and different sound effects.

Witch Magazine

We are now magazine experts working at 'Which Witch is Which?' HQ, creating a new magazine for witches to read all over the world. Before we could begin we had to do lots of research in order to become magazine experts. We looked at a variety of magazines and researched on the internet.

As part of our new magazine we needed to create a profile of the NEW Grand High Witch and this meant we needed to meet her! We prepared a list of questions to ask before she came in at 10 o'clock. We were feeling very nervous at first, but asked some very good questions to find out information for our profiles.

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