The Arts

Food Technology

We've been looking at 'dips and dippers' taste testing different types, giving them a score out of 10, and discussing their appearance and texture.

I'm really proud of the children for giving the new foods a go!

Jack Frost

The theme this term in the hall is 'Jack Frost'. We chose to do masks of Jack Frost, we thought about what colours we should use, we decided on blue, silver and white because they look the most like ice. They're up in the hall now and they look fantastic! 

Jack O'Lanterns


We made our very own 'Jack-o'-lanterns'! We used paper plates that we painted orange and designed a face to go on them - some people chose scary faces and others wanted a silly face

Pablo Picasso

We chose Pablo Picasso as our artist, we liked the fact that he used shapes to create faces. We had fun finding the shapes and trying to figure out what part of the face they were supposed to be. We had a go at creating our own self portraits using shapes. We looked in a mirror and tried to find a matching shape for each facial feature. They look fantastic!

Autumn Art

After being out and about in the forest on Thursday, we noticed how the leaves have started to change colour and fall off the trees. We know this means it is Autumn time. So, we had an Autumn themed art afternoon, where we did a hand print tree with finger leaves - all in Autumn colours. We also had a little go at doing some leaf rubbings and animal pictures which were fun! During our afternoon break we even went looking for some Autumn leaves! 

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