In science we've been looking at everyday materials and their properties. We worked in groups to organise the materials by their properties. 

Wild Flower Walk

We went on a walk around the village looking for wild flowers and plants - these mean they weren't planted by anyone and grow on their own. We took clipboards and drew pictures of the flowers we saw.
We found daffodils, snowdrops, daisies, buttercups, crocus, dandelions and holly.


We have planted broad beans, sunflowers, cress and sweet peas as part of our science topic this half term. We thought about what plants need to grow and what we needed to do to look after them.

Our plants have grown! We have been looking at how our plants have changed and what we can see now. We have started our diaries, tracking how our plants change and grow over the half term. We noticed that all our plants are different, some had grown a lot, some had grown a little and others not at all.


We have been learning all about different types of animals in our science this half term. So, as part of our topic, we had a visitor from Zoo Lab who brought all kinds of different animals to show us.

The first animal he showed us was a reptile, we all knew this the moment we saw it, it was a tortoise! Her name was Shelly and she's only two years old. We were able to hold her and she tickled our hands when she walked.

The next animals were insects that made a hissing noise. They were Madagascan Hissing Cockroaches! Only two of the Class 3 wanted to hold them, what brave girls!

We also met Gizmo the Australian Tree Frog! He's an amphibian and felt like jelly in our hands. He has sticky toes which means he can grab onto trees easily. Tristan showed us this by sticking him to the wall!

Next we met an animal that we weren't allowed to touch because her hair would make our fingers itch. Her name was Tallulah and she was a baby tarantula. Tristan told us all about how she was an arachnid and how for tarantulas the girls are always bigger and stronger and even eat the boys!

Tango was next and he was a Corn Snake -another reptile! We loved how bright and colourful he was and he was a lot softer than we thought he would be too.

The last animal was Thor the rat, a mammal. We weren't allowed to hold him, but we could stroke him, and he had lovely smooth fur.

Our Body

This half-term in Science we have been thinking about our body and what it can do. We had a lesson thinking about our senses. We used our sense of smell to sniff the candles, our sense of touch to feel the teddy, our sense of taste to eat the apple, our sense of hearing to listen to the bell and our sense of sight to see the bright, colourful letters. After we used our senses we drew the body part we used on our drawing of the body.



We've been learning about Ecuador and how it is different to the UK geographically. We found out that it has active volcanoes, so we did some erupting volcano art. 

Farm Visit

As part of our current Geography topic, 'On the Farm', we went to a local dairy farm in Dearham called 'West House Farm'. We were all very excited to learn all about a working farm from an actual farmer! 
First we went to see the cows and the calves, we learned that a cow has her first calf when she is 2 years old. The calves were adorable, and we all enjoyed going to see them, some were only a few days old, we couldn't believe how big they were!

After meeting the cows we went to see the milking parlour, where the cows go to get milked, twice a day, at 6am and 4pm. After going in and seeing the milking parlour, we had a go at milking a cow. It was only a pretend one, but it was still difficult!

We then went on a walk up to see the wind turbine. We got to wear special vests. We all knew that wind turbines make electricity.

Finally, we got to meet and stroke one of the new lambs. We had such a lovely day and learned a lot about real farm life!

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