Mythical Creatures

We're going to be inventing our own mythical creatures to describe, so to help us we looked at some examples and chose adjectives that described them. 


We went on an around the world adventure! We visited France, Italy, India, China, Mexico and America. We went sightseeing to describe their famous landmarks and tried food from each and every country - the naan bread and Italian ham were the favourites. We then wrote postcards to Mrs Shankland about our amazing trip.

Writing Letters

We were writing letters to the 'Three Little Pigs' as Goldilocks. To help us get into character we got into the 'hot seat' where we magically transformed into Goldilocks and had to answer questions from the rest of the class.

Instructions - Jam Sandwiches

We were learning to write instructions to make a jam sandwich, so to help us understand the method we made our own. Then we got to eat them!


The Year 5s came through to help us type up our poetry. They were very helpful!

Polar Express

The Polar Express

Here in class 3 we had the pleasure of being invited to go and watch 'The Polar Express' over in Class 5 with the Year 3 and 4s, they had written us some fantastic letters, so how could we refuse!

On the last day of term we all gathered in Miss Lightfoot's room and collected our tickets, then made our way to Miss Eve's room, where we had to hand in our tickets to get in.
There in the classroom we sat on beanbags and cushions whilst surrounded by fairy lights - it was very cosy! We also drank hot chocolate and each got a cookie.
And to top of such a wonderful morning each child was gifted a bell that they could take home, just like the boy in the film.

Forest Friends

We got a letter! Not just any letter, but a tiny letter that was covered in glitter! It was a note from some forest friends, they had followed us home from Forest School last week, since their house got chopped down, and moved into our 'Eco Area'. We put on our coats as soon as we got the letter and set out to find the little door! 

Reading Den

We have a new reading area! It is a cosy little book nook with blankets, pillows and fairy lights! It's only been here a few days and is already everybody's favourite place to read. Here are some photos of the children in our new area. 

Library Visits

In year 1 we have decided to visit our school library once a week to choose a book that we can take home to share with our families. We had great fun looking through all the books and deciding which one we wanted to take home. 

Traction Man

Here in Class 3 we have been reading and learning about Traction Man during our Literacy lessons. We even got to bring our own action figures in to share with the class and we wrote about them too! We have also been enjoying dressing up as Traction Man and going on our own little adventures.

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