We have been looking at castles this half term in Year 1, we took a trip to Carlisle Castle to learn more about them. We went exploring around the castle, looking at all the different rooms, finding out who lived in them. We even got to try on some costumes.


Toys Past and Present
In history this term we are learning all about toys! We are thinking about our toys that we love now, and toys that our parents and grandparents used to play with.
Miss Lightfoot brought in some old toys for us to look at, some were nearly 50 years old! We noticed that they're a lot different  We had fun trying to guess what they were and having a go ourselves, the boys loved the table football game! 

As part of our history topic we had a visitor in school, the lady who kindly came to visit us volunteers at the Helena Thompson Museum in Workington. With her she brought a lot of old toys, from different periods in time. She knew a lot about toys, and we learned a lot from her visit, we looked at what the toys were made of, and how that showed how old the toys were. She also let us play with the toys! The 60s hair salon toy was very popular!

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